A good student is one who ?

April 17, 2013

For French class we had to write a short paragraph completing the sentence “A good student is one who ______”. The next day, we started class by writing our responses on the chalkboard. When I took my seat, I started to read what my classmates had wrote. “Takes good notes”, “gets good grades”, “goes to office hours”, and “always goes to class” were the most popular responses. I was shocked that nobody had written anything similar to me. My first sentence was “Il adore apprendre”, “he loves to learn.”

After we had finished discussing the qualities of a good student, the instructor gave a follow up question: “a well-raised child is one who ______ ?” Again, we were sent to the chalkboard to transcribe our thoughts. “Poli” was the word on everyones' lips. “Polite”, good kids were polite. Again, the class seemed to confuse “well-raised” with “well-behaved”. Not a single person mentioned being imaginative or creative or loving.

Maybe I have a different perspective because I am about to graduate and most of my classmates are freshmen and sophomores.

I am hoping that’s it.